The Canna MDs, American Cannabinoid Clinics (PANELIST)

Dr. Jessica received her bachelor’s degree from Harvard University before going on to earn her medical and business degrees from Tufts University. She completed her postgraduate training in Preventive Medicine at the University of California San Diego while earning her public health degree from San Diego State University.

Dr. Jessica believes that using all-natural remedies to fight disease and promote well-being should be the first-line approach in medical care. With healthcare costs soaring, and access to medical care as limited as ever, she believes the application of lifestyle and natural medicine is key to adequately addressing the current state of public health in our communities and country as a whole. It was out of this belief that Dr. Jessica’s interest in Cannabis Therapeutics blossomed.

Dr. Jessica counsels several hundred patients monthly in the use of cannabis, noting that her patients have a keen desire to use medical cannabis for targeted therapeutic relief. Along with the other physicians in her family, she is a co-founder of The Canna MDs.


Founder, Aunt Zelda’s, Calla Spring Wellness, and Zelda Therapeutics (PANELIST)

Mara specializes in the development of treatment protocols utilizing Bio Pharmaceutical grade cannabis extracts for seriously ill patients in California. She co-founded Aunt Zelda’s, Calla Spring Wellness, and Zelda Therapeutics in order to provide real outcomes for patients with serious diseases.

Prior to Aunt Zelda’s, Mara worked as a process engineer, helping Fortune 500 companies create intelligent software by utilizing the Rational Unified Process. This experience has enabled her to take a detailed and scientific approach to utilizing cannabis as a Biopharmaceutical-grade treatment.

Gordon sits on the boards of Zelda Therapeutics, Daya Foundation, Leaf of Life International Holdings, and Hmbldt. She has presented at multiple CME-accredited medical conferences, delivered 3.5 hour courses along with Drs. Cristina Sanchez, Manuel Guzman, Donald Abrams, and Joe D. Goldstrich, andspoken at medical cannabis conferences in Australia, Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Israel, as well as numerous events throughout the USA and worldwide. Her work is featured in the upcoming documentaries, “Weed the People”, “Mary Janes: Women of Weed”, and in Joe Dolce’s book, “Brave New Weed”.


Cofounder, HelloMD (PANELIST)

Pamela is Cofounder of HelloMD, the world’s largest community of wellness oriented cannabis consumers. HelloMD offers crowd sourced cannabis advice to patients and interaction with the industry’s largest brands, retailers & thought leaders. HelloMD’s mission is to educate, create community and to be at the forefront of cannabis research. Recently, HelloMD completed the largest patient study done to date with UC Berkeley on cannabis, pain and opioid abuse, following their Medical Marijuana Patient Study which is now considered the most comprehensive patient study on the topic to date.

Pamela has been in technology for over 15 years, creating original User Experiences for some of today’s most recognizable companies. After discovering cannabis as a solution for her own chronic medical condition she is now passionate about cannabis education, reducing the stigma around consumption and promoting it as a tool for overall health & wellness.


CEO, RightSciences (PANELIST)

Sarah is the founder and CEO of RightSciences, a US biotech firm that engineers plant-based wellness products for consumers.

Sarah works for innovation + technology + women in all industries, and runs an organization for accelerating and mentoring female leaders and CEOs.

Prior to her current entrepreneurial endeavors, Sarah held senior leadership roles at Microsoft and Zynga, where she focused on global information security strategies, data science as a social science, and community building.


CEO + Cofounder, TreatWell (PANELIST)

Alison has a varied professional background from Wall St to thinktanks plus a few masters degrees. Her true calling, however, came after trying cannabis while recovering from a coma. After studying and researching the plant, she became passionate about providing high quality cannabis medicine for others and to raise the bar for the industry overall. TreatWell specializes in producing the highest quality cannabis medicine for both people and animals. Their flagship products are their tinctures, with CBD rich, acid (THCA and CBDA), and pet lines. TreatWell strives to be ahead of the curve, integrating the latest research and thinking on the benefits of the cannabis plant to offer innovative, effective and safe medicinal products for humans and animals.


Chief Science Officer, Hmbldt / Founder, Pure Analytics Laboratory (PANELIST)

Samantha is an internationally recognized biochemist, founder, and founder and Chief Scientist of Pure Analytics Laboratory, a renowned cannabis analysis facility. Samantha merged her 20+ years of cannabis cultivation experience with her extensive scientific, product development and business background. She is responsible for the development of unique techniques in cannabis analytics, research and strain isolation.



Whitney Greer is the writer, producer, and host of the soon-to-be-released podcast To Put It Bluntly — where the cannacurious explore what’s new and hear straight talk on topics like parenting, sex, pets, and pain management. Throughout her career, Whitney’s worked with breakthrough companies like Apple and start-ups like Planet Labs and Mythic AI to create information on-ramps into new technologies. In the evolving cannabis industry, her goal is to make the world more navigable and entertaining for anyone who wants to venture in.